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Per Tempe City Code, residents are responsible for maintaining the alleys adjacent to their property, keeping them free of weeds and debris - Sec. 29-2, (b) (3). (See below.) Nuisance codes, like this one, recognize the importance of community pride and appearance, and that those goals can best be achieved through a partnership between city government and residents.

In addition to weekly trash/recycling collection and regular collection of bulky/uncontained trash, the City of Tempe provides:

• alley dust-proofing (approx. $58,000 per year) Dust in alley complaint form

• annual application of pre/post-emergent herbicide to help control weeds in alleys (approx. $60,000 per year)

• alley reconstruction – 10 miles each year of the total 165-mile alley system (approx. $360,000 per year)

While the City of Tempe is responsible for the “heavy lifting” related to alley maintenance, residents share responsibility for making sure their alleys are free of weeds and debris.

Tempe City Code
Chapter 29
Sec. 29-2. Adjacent property owners to maintain sidewalks, gutters, alleys.

(a) It shall be the duty of all persons to keep the sidewalks in front of the premises owned, occupied or controlled by them and the land that lies between the back of the curb and the right-of-way on the side of the street on which their premises are located in good repair and free and clear of all grass, weeds and rubbish.

(b) Such persons shall also:

(1) Keep the branches of all trees growing along such sidewalks so trimmed and cut as not to interfere with the free use of any part of the sidewalk or street by the public for travel;

(2) Keep all irrigating and waste ditches appertaining to, running by or adjacent to such premises, together with the borders thereof, in good repair so as to prevent the escape of water therefrom and so as not to obstruct the easy and natural flow of the water therein;

(3) Maintain each alley that is adjacent to their premises free of weeds and debris to the center line of such alley.

Last updated: 6/6/2012 11:10:54 AM