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9-1-1 is the phone number to call to report a fire, police or medical emergency.

Inspections: Tempe business owners, ask questions and be aware of who is asking to inspect your facility. Always ask for identification when approached by a person asking to inspect your kitchen hood, fire alarm, sprinkler system, etc. Tempe Fire, Medical, Rescue personnel always carry property identification and perform these services for free. Learn more at

Bath Salts: Baths salts are a serious problem across the United States, and Tempe is no exception. While some of the chemicals making up bath salts can be technically legal, the effects can be deadly. Baths salts are made up of beta-keto amphetamines, synthetic chemicals that mimic cathinone in the Khat plant. These are very powerful stimulants which cause rapid metabolism and dangerously high body temperatures of 107 degrees. Under the influence of bath salts, the body’s metabolism can be so extreme as to render the patient incapable of taking in enough oxygen to prevent cellular suffocation resulting in potentially fatal heart arrhythmias. Signs of a person on bath salts include ranting, removal of clothing and delirium. This is considered a medical emergency and people should call 9-1-1, when encountering a person on bath salts.

Hoarding Prevention:  Imagine going into a smoke-filled home with boxes and papers stacked from floor to ceiling. You can’t see anything and getting through the house is almost impossible. That is the type of situation the Tempe Fire, Medical, Rescue Department encounters all too often. Hoarding makes it difficult for first responders to help in the event of an emergency. Tempe firefighters have encountered many cases of hoarding. It’s a dangerous trend that risks the lives of residents and firefighters alike. People with friends or loved ones who may have a problem with hoarding can seek help from the Arizona Hoarding Task Force at Tempe residents also can find help through CARE 7 – City of Tempe Crisis Response Team at 480-350-8004.   

Drowning Prevention: Drowning can happen in an instant and it doesn’t only happen in swimming pools. It can happen in  canals, lakes, spas or bathtubs. Drowning prevention experts stress that layers of protection are key.  Those layers include vigilant parents, pool fences with gates that self-latch, alarms and not drinking  alcohol when swimming.  Too often people say "I only left for a second." Sadly, just a few seconds is all it takes for a child to drown. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children under the age of four in Arizona. Most children drown in their own pools, but children also drown in buckets, toilets, bathtubs, fish tanks, and ponds. And it only takes two inches of water for a child to drown. Near drowning is also very tragic and can cause permanent brain damage. Adults often drown in spas and pools with alcohol consumption being a factor.  Drowning and near drowning can be prevented.

Last updated: 1/17/2014 8:05:21 AM